What did you know about the company?

The development axes of the company integrate all the value chains of the cashew sector, from production to marketing:


CAJOU DU CENTRE is supplied by its own plantation of 553 hectares and plantations of 2470 hectares from a network of 1298 small farmers which has been set up by the company and certified organic by ECOCERT SAS while advocating fair trade. This is how CAJOU DU CENTRE was able to guarantee a market for small faemers by ensuring a permanent supply for the factory.


CAJOU DU CENTRE is committed to organic processing and has had its finished organic products certified by ECOCERT SAS.

Its technological watch has enabled it to acquire state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing better performance and the health safety of its products.

The process is organized in 4 sections namely:

  • Storage – Calibration   
  • Cooking -Shelling 
  • Peeling
  • Grading – Packaging   


CAJOU DU CENTRE was certified organic (NOP & EOS) by ECOCERT since 2019 and annually update.

CAJOU DU CENTRE is also certified ACA seal (African Cashew Alliance) and has implement HACCP system annually update.

BRCGS being implemented , looking for certification in april 2023.


Various value chains employ 500 people, 80% of whom are women.

Pre-financing of small farmers and policy of fixed prices with quality bonuses granted.

Improvement of staff working conditions:

  • Establishment of a canteen providing meals to staff, 75% funded by the company,
  • Providing a bus for the transportation of the staff,
  • Improvement of the living conditions of the populations of the surrounding villages by the creation and extension of a drinking water supply and electrification network.
  • Weekly distribution of soap and milk to staff
  • Distribution of school kits to students


As part of the implementation of its factory in SAGBADAÏ CAJOU DU CENTRE has mandated a firm to conduct an environmental and societal impact study.

At the end of this study, CAJOU DU CENTRE was offered an environmental and societal management plan, the implementation of which made it possible to remedy the shortcomings identified.

Thus, by decree 011/MERF/ANGE/DEIE/CCE dated 13/03/2015 the certificate of environmental and societal compliance was issued to CAJOU DU CENTRE


  • Provide end consumers around the world with various variations of our kernels such as roasted, salted, buttered and others flavors.
  • Cashew apple juice
  • Tropical fruit juices
  • Fizzy drinks

Secondary activities

As secondary activities, CAJOU DU CENTRE is also specialized in the production of cashew apple and tropical fruit juice, and in organic beekeeping with 1000 beehives installed in its plantation and certified organic by ECOCERT S.A.

The main products sold

  • Organic cashew kernel  
  • Organic monofloral honey from the cashew tree
  • Organic wax
  • Cashew apple juice
  • Tropical fruit juices
  • Fizzy drinks
cajou du centre

Agro - Indistrual complex of production and processing of cashew nuts.


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